Training Institutions

Instituto Politécnico de Ciências da Terra e Ambiente


Become a center of excellence in training, research and extension in the field of Earth and Environmental Sciences in Mozambique.


  • To train professionals with technical qualifications according to competitive knowledge standards in the areas of Earth and Environment Sciences;
  • Provide improvement courses in the areas of your specialty;
  • Promote the investigation and dissemination of knowledge in the areas of its specialty in order to respond to issues relevant to the country;
  • Establish scientific and technological exchange relationships with national and foreign institutions in the areas of their specialty.


  • Legality;
  • Public interest;
  • Serve well;
  • Neutrality;
  • Professionalism and Transparency.

The Instituto Politécnico de Ciências da Terra e Ambiente, referred to as IPCTA, is a public institution of professional technical secondary education, endowed with administrative, patrimonial and scientific-pedagogical autonomy, subordinated to the Ministry of Earth and Environment.

It is the responsibility of IPCTA to train technical-professional mid-level professionals in the areas of Territorial and Environmental Resource Management, Cartography, Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Topography, Land Administration, Geographical Information Systems and Registration, Urban Solid Waste Management and other courses deemed relevant in the field of earth and environmental sciences, in compliance with the general and pedagogical principles defined by the National Education System.

IPCTA is the only medium-level public institution in the country to train professional technicians in the fields of Geosciences and Environment.

IPCTA plays an important role in the territorial and environmental management process with the creation of quality training programs, providing trainees with tools that enable them to provide solutions to different problems that arise in the field of land administration, territorial planning, environmental management , climate change, natural resource management and biodiversity.

IPCTA has three laboratories:


This laboratory has more than 30 computers with Internet access.


This laboratory has 20 computers with software for mapping and processing spatial data.


This laboratory is composed of electronic and digital levels, Total Stations (electronic and robotic) and navigation and geodetic GNSS receivers.

IPCTA has 13 classrooms and a boarding school with a capacity for 96 students, 48 male and 48 female.

Training Program

IPCTA delivers four modular courses based on competency standards:


Graduates have professional occupation corresponding to: Surveyor-Geometer; Manager of a Land Administration, Topography or Mapping Service.

Graduates in the Topography qualification will be able to work in land administration, mapping, territorial planning and civil construction institutions, as Medium Level Professional Technicians in works of delimitation, demarcation, subdivision, flat-altimetric topographical surveys of areas, in collecting and processing spatial data for various economic and social purposes, as well as drawing plans or topographical maps.

Cartography and Geographic Information System

Graduates have a professional occupation corresponding to: Cartography and Geographic Information Technician; Geographic Information Systems Technician; Photointerpretation technician.

Graduates in the qualification of Cartography and Geographic Information System may work in institutions of territorial organization and planning, mapping institutions, land administration, in Municipal Councils, in institutions linked to environmental coordination as cartography and geographic information technicians, as designers of information systems , as supervisors of technical teams of the environment and as physical planners.

Land Registry and Administration

Graduates have professional occupation corresponding to: Land Registry and Administration Technician; Sector Manager of the Municipal Registry; Manager of the National Land Registry; Designer of District or Municipal Ordinance Plans and; Manager of a Land Administration or Mapping Service.

Graduates in the Land Registry and Land Administration qualification may work in land administration, mapping, territorial planning, civil construction institutions as Surveyors-Geometers, regional planners, cartographers, land conflict managers and/or team supervisors.

Territorial and Environmental Resource Management

Graduates have a professional occupation corresponding to: Medium Technician in Physical Planning and Environment

Graduates in the qualification of Management of Territorial Resources and Environment may work in public and private institutions, particularly in municipalities, in the context of physical planning and environment, supporting the processes of territorial planning and management of land and urban land, preparation and implementation of plans municipal and district, allotment operations and land registration.

IPCTA offers short courses in the following areas:

  • Topogeodesic surveys;
  • Topogeodesic instrumentation;
  • Cartography and GIS;
  • Remote sensing;
  • Urban Solid Waste Management; and
  • Territorial and Environmental Resource Management.

Intervention by IPCTA students

IPTCA is an institution in formation that results from the merger of INFATEC and IMPFA, which both have graduated 2,147 professionals to date. The institution has a highly qualified staff of teaching staff at bachelor, masters and doctoral levels obtained at universities within the country and abroad in the areas of Geosciences and Environment.

These qualifications enable IPTCA trainees to actively participate in solving problems related to land use planning with the preparation and implementation of urbanization plans (general and partial) and detailed plans.

As part of the link between theory and practice, each year, trainees, accompanied by their trainers, carry out professional internships in cities, towns and districts throughout the country, carrying out land subdivision work for different uses, in strict compliance with environmental procedures.

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