Welcome Message

The Ministry of Land and Environment is the State body that has the supreme responsibility to ensure that the natural heritage, which belongs to approximately thirty million Mozambicans, is used rationally and responsibly, so that our children’s children have, at the very least, the same development opportunities and options that we, your predecessors, have. This is what we call sustainable development.

It is within this spirit and the commitment to good service that we have created this interactive space so that potential users, any citizen, national or not, have access to the information they need to undertake any economic-productive or even social activity, that falls within the field of natural resources under our management.

It is also in this space that national citizens will find the necessary, systematized and pertinent information, allowing them to be part, consciously and voluntarily, in the materialization and enjoyment of the constitutional right to live in a balanced environment and to defend it.

In this way, we encourage society as a whole, in particular, economic operators in different areas of productive activity, large, medium, small and micro-enterprises, socio-professional organizations, civil society organizations, among others, to access the source of information made available to you.

To all of you, dear users, a warm and perennial welcome!

Together for the Sustainable Economic and Social Development of Mozambique.

The Minister

Ivete Joaquim Maibaze